How to get rid of pimples with natural ingredients?

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Hey guys!  Today I’m going to show you a natural and delicious way to get rid of pimples with a natural way. Pimples can be caused by many things: puberty, stress, bad food habits, not having a right skin care routine, touching your face too much, etcetera…the reason are endless! Having pimples is not a bad thing, it’s completely normal! Today we’re going to learn how to help your skin get rid of them with a natural mask. But first, let me teach you some daily tips you can do to keep your face clean and then I’ll show you how to make an amazing mask for you face. Let’s get started!

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Hey guys!  Welcome to the Blog!

Mi name is Hilary –Hily– and I’m the creator of StayInKraft. Before I tell you what this blog is going to be about, let me tell you a few things about myself. I’m 21 years old and I live in Costa Rica. I’m currently studying Law and I love it! I’ve always been passionate about makeup, fashion, life hacks, and tips for every aspect of your life! You’ll always find me reading or watching a YouTube video. I also enjoy everything related with our inner beauty and how important it is in our life!

Now, what’s StayInKraft about? Well first, “In Kraft” means “In power” in German, so this is the main focus on this blog. Be in power with yourself in all aspects of your life! In here you are going to learn how to be in power with your inner beauty, your outer beauty and with your work/study life.

I’m going to divide the blog like this:

  • Inner Beauty: Learn how to be beautiful from the inside and reflect it on the outside.
  • Outer beauty: On this section we are going to learn tips for your makeup, Fashion, and even a little SPA time for you.
  • Organization: You guys will learn new tips abut how to be productive, efficient and in control.
  • Random: As it says we’ll talk about random topics, it could be books, recipes, music, art, etcetera.

Well guys, I hope you stick around and you like the blog! If you have any comments or questions let me know on the comments section. And remember guys, be in power, be InKraft!

Until next time, Chao! -Hily


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