How to be Successful?


Hey guys! On this post, I’m sharing with you some advice and tips I learned on how to be successful in life.

I research a lot about this topic, and I found an amazing video that really inspired be to write this post. I’ll share the link below, so you can check it out before you start reading this, I think it’s so important because it wakes you up and you get excited about the idea that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT.

Here is the link:

Now, without further do, let’s get started!

Believe in yourself

I think that this is the first and most important tip you need to follow in order to be successful. But, what is believing in yourself? Is it thinking you’re the best? Is it not listening to negativity? Is it focusing on yours believes? It’s all of that and more!

Let me share with you an amazing Quote:

“Both, the man that says he can do it

and the man that says he can’t do it, are both right”

Guys, you came to this world by yourself and you are the person your going to spend your entire life with, so don’t you think that YOU are the ONE that needs to believe on what you do, no matter what it is, on the first place?! Believing in yourself is being confident on your abilities, is knowing that it doesn’t matter what the result is when you know you did the best and more to get it, is knowing you’re going to fall and be ok with that because you’re going to continue trying, is never giving up every time you fail, is not listening to everyone that says “you can’t do it” or “you’re not good enough”, is listening to your inner positive voice!

Believe is to have faith: faith in you and faith your dream. No dream is stupid or impossible, if you dream it, is because you can create it and make it happen! Once Will Smith said “imagine how irrational it is to think that from a piece of metal you can create an machine that flies and takes people to every part of the world, but someone thought about it and make it happened!”; so, it doesn’t matter how “impossible” you think that dream is, if you think it it’s possible. Never let anyone, not your family, friends, boss or even yourself tell you that you can’t do it! Don’t let them sabotage your dream, because they couldn’t accomplish theirs. You are strong, intelligent and able enough to accomplish everything you want in life; but always remember it wont be easy. So, don’t expect that in you just sit in you coach someone is going to ring the bell and offer you a job, a contract, a winner lottery ticket or a mansion: you have to work your ass off to have what you desire.

When we don’t work on the things we want, they’ll never happened and if they do, we won’t appreciate it that much. Hard work is an investment, is the path to follow in order to get what we want. I promise you that there’s no better feeling than getting something you desired for a long time, and knowing that is was because of your hard work and persistence. Amazing things in life never come easy, if they do they wont last.

A very important aspect, when it comes to believe in yourself, is the negativity that you surround yourself with. First, read this quote from the video I recommended you:

“Words are seeds that you plant, so, at some point on your life, you’re going to eat the fruit of that seed”

Now what does that mean? I’m a stronger believer that we attract what we project, if we only talk about failure, negativity and unhappiness, that’s exactly what you’re attracting to your life. Words are powerful, they can break someone apart and destroyed them, but also, they can heal us and complete us! So, when it comes to success, you have to stay away from negativity and it includes negative people. There is so much negativity around us and we don’t even notice it. I know many people that are just not happy with themselves or their lives, so they want to spread that feeling everywhere! Always make sure that you surround yourself with positive people; being positive doesn’t mean being have all the time, don’t get confused: being positive having the best point of view to things. So, for example imagine that you fail a test, a negative person will just be disappointed but he or she wont to anything about it; on the other hand, a positive person can be disappointed about it but he or she will try to be better next time and will figure out how to improve and be better.

I’m to sure if what I’m about to say will cause any controversy, but is what I believe: News, now a day, are the main cause of our negative thoughts. Every time I watch the news or I scroll the Facebook feed, I get sick of everything I see: death, war, criminality, abuse, corruption, traffic accidents, poverty, violence, bullying, destruction, contamination, etcetera…everything is negative! I know that it is essential to be informed and aware about what is happening in our world right now, but it’s just so difficult for me. I’m not saying that we have to ignore it and don’t do anything about it, because that’s not the case. We are responsible for everything that happens in the world, and we must do something about it, every little change we make to make the world a better place helps and there are so many ways to help and prevent all those social problems, and for that we must be informed.

 But all that is just a bomb for our brain, by seeing every day all that negativity, we become unconsciously negative too! We start to think about how everything is bad and that it’ll never change, we complain about everything and we don’t do anything to stop it, we spread all that negativity towards others to make them feel the same: and that’s ok if you want to informed the people and make a plan to stop it, but then again, we don’t. Our society is so obsessed with sharing negativity, but it never shares how to prevent it or fix it. It just focusses on the bad, but I don’t see any solution out there. So, what I do is that if I ever watch a bad news report or I see a negative thing on Facebook, I just close my eyes and I think to myself: What you can do to prevent this to happen again? And if there’s an answer I try my best to do it, so I don’t stay trapped of that negativity bubble.

Another important thing you need to have in mind is that sometimes you must be a hustler in order to have success. As I said before, if you really want something in life you need to work hard, and that sometimes requires you to hustle hard. What I mean by that? Getting what you want is not always as easy as wishing it to happened, there will be times, for example, that you may have to get a job, or two to supply your essential needs; or you may have two jobs and you go to college, so you end up getting to work number 1 at 8:00 am, then go to college, go home and nap for 30 minutes and then get up to go to work 2 from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am, and repeat all over again, even for years.  You may be completely exhausted and you probably don’t have any social life because you work 7 days a week; but all those things will build up your character, they will make you appreciate everything you’ll have. Because it won’t last forever, that’s just the path you need to go through to accomplish what you want in life.

So, remember that if you really want to accomplish that dream, believe in yourself, hustle and just make it happen!

Set Goals:

According to the dictionary, the definition of Goal is the achievement or result toward which effort is directed. So, as you see a goal a result that we want to achieve at a certain point in our life. But why are goals important? They are important because you focus your mind on an specific desire of yours, and by knowing it, it’ll be easier for you to know what are the exact steps you need to follow to achieve what you want.

There’s a strategy that I personally like, and it is creating a vision board. Your going to fill the board with all your dreams, experiences and things that you want in your life, once you create it you can just roll it up and hide it, you don’t need to look at it everyday if you don’t want to. The idea is that you know that it exists, and you know exactly what you want in your life; for me they are really powerful because what happens is that you have all these thoughts, and dreams and aspirations, but the vision board allows you to put all of that into the physical realm.

What you need is a piece of board (the size doesn’t matter), scissors, glue and some magazines; you basically cut and paste on the board every picture you find inspiring or a representation of what you want in your life. You can also print some images from Pinterest or other website you find inspiring, like for example quotes, pictures or words, and paste them on the board. You can do it also in your computer by creating a collage and put it as a desktop background, so you look at it every day.

The great thing about this board, is that once you create it, it makes you reflect on your life and it makes you see more clearly what are you desires. You can be skeptical about it, just give it a try, and if it works wonderful, and if it doesn’t then just move on. But try it, I really recommend it to you!

If you don’t have time to create this board, what you can do is to write down on a piece of paper or in your phone, your dreams, desires, aspirations or anything of that sored. I recommend you to read them at loud every now and then; and it works the same as the vision board. I’m a big believer that the universe conspires to have what we want, and in order for that to happen, we have to attract it to us: it could be by saying it at loud every day to us or to someone, you can create the vision board or write it down; the idea is to attract all those things we desire to our life.

I also recommend that apart from your main goals, you have weekly or monthly goals. So, for example let’s say that your goal is to be the best ballet dancer on your country, so your weekly goal may be to not miss any ballet class, and you monthly goal can be to perfect a ballet move. They’re little goals that combine will help you to get to your main goal.

Create a routine:

Having a routine will help you be more focus and less stressed. Why? Because it ensures the really important things that needs to get done, we commonly control the early and last hour of our day so, if you do so, make sure to plan the most important tasks, actions and behaviours on those hours. Just adjust your routine to your personal preference, the important thing is that you have control and knowledge of your duties, so you are able to accomplish them.

A routine not just works for our job, you can also set one for when your getting ready in the morning, or when you arrive home; this is just a method you can follow to be more organized and in control of your day. It is useful if you’re a disorganized person, because the more you do it the more you get used to it, so your body ends up getting used to it and does it automatically. Don’t be scared of having a routine, if you get bored of it you can change it as you want; the idea is that you spread your day time correctly. This idea of a routine goes in hand with planning your week, I already wrote a post about this, so I’ll leave the link to it at the end of the post.

Learn to learn: Invest in your Mind

For me, this aspect is one of the most important ones when it comes to be successful; by learning I don’t mean about a school education or training programs, which are important for sure, but what I mean is to have the attitude of an open mindset of always keep learning, and not just learning about your career or job, but learning in general.  But, what is the difference between learning and training? Learning is much wider than training, it involves things we do every day, on the other hand, training is an event or a series of events.  Learning is a continuous process, it is remembering everything that you’re interested in: imagine that you took a class and you did amazing, but you weren’t interested on it, I’m pretty sure that if I ask you about it 2 years later you won’t remember what you learned, it is that simple. We’ve been thought, on our educational system, how to do certain things, and how to do certain jobs according to our career, but this is just a small part of the big picture and if we only focus ourselves on that specific and structure learning we’re missing huge opportunities, because even if you think you’ve learned everything about your job or career, there is always more, everyday you can learn something knew. So, go ahead and buy books, research, investigate, go to classes, watch documentaries…just keep your mind active and don’t get stuck on your field!

A great way to learn, in a humble way, is to have a mentor; you need to reach someone ahead of you that could teach you what they know from their experiences, so you can apply them into your life. It could be anyone, from your college teacher to the owner of the biggest empire you could imagine. Don’t be scared to ask for it, the worst that could happen is that they say no, and what does that change? Nothing, you didn’t have it in the first place, so keep looking; every “no” is a step closer from that “yes”. Keep learning, be humble about it and always be open to teach what you already know to others.

Self discipline:

If you want to be successful, you must discipline yourself; nobody will be there to tell you how to do life, you must figure it out yourself. In school and high school, you had your teachers, they probably were next to you forcing you to do what they say; but in the real world nobody will force you, if you do what it takes then great, and if you don’t then you don’t. What I’m saying is that you’re your own life boss, so you’re the one who decides to be successful or not. Self discipline inquires self control, knowing that you must sacrifice something to get what you want: it could be sleep, social time with your friends, a free weekend, vacations, etcetera…the idea is that you’re discipline enough to know that you must take that path to get what you want. It is hard, if not then it isn’t worth it!

And there you go guys, some amazing tips you can follow in order to be successful, I hope you like this post, let me know in the comments some other tips you have!

Here is the link for the Planning Post: How to stay organized during the week?

Until next time, Chao! -Hily


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