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Hey guys! On this post, I’m shearing you some amazing tips to make your foundation last all day long, plus I’ll show you how to choose the right foundation for your skin type and for your skin tone, finally we’ll talk about some of the best drugstore foundations out there! Let’s get started!

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned.

How to find the right foundation shade?

Before I start talking about how to win the makeup game when it comes to foundation, you need to know how to find your perfect skin shade color foundation. Haven’t you felt that the foundation makes you look like a ghost or, worst, like an orange? Well, that’s the main sign that you’re doing something wrong.

First is to know what type of skin you have: oily, dry or somewhere in between. Why is that important? Because out there, there’re foundations for all those skin types, that’ll help you reduce the amount of oil or give you a glow for a dry skin. So that’s the first step.

Next, when we buy a foundation, the first wrong thing that we do is to test it on our hands! WRONG!! I don’t know if you noticed, but our hands aren’t the same shade than our face, also its texture and oiliness is so different from the skin on our face. So first, you have to try your foundation on your jaw line and your chest, you just blend it out and see if it matches. If it does, perfect; but sometimes the foundation brand doesn’t have lots of shades, so you may have to mix them to create your shade or choose another brand.

Once that you pick a shade that you like and your comfortable with, don’t buy it right away and ask for a sample. Why? Because of various reasons. First the light on the store is not necessary the same light from the sun or from your working place, so that way you’ll be able to try it on those environments. And then, some foundations tent to oxidise, what does that mean? It means that when you apply it, it looks your shade, but some minutes later it becomes darker on your skin, that means that it oxidises and it depends on your skin. Sometimes it could make your skin look orange, so with the sample your going to try if it oxidises on your skin or not.

Preparing the skin

Guys, in order to have a great makeup day, specially a nice foundation application, you must prepare your skin before hand! Why? Well, as I said on older posts your skin is really delicate and it must be protected. Makeup is great, but it also contains lots of chemicals that can harm our skin if we don’t prepare it for makeup. So, how you do that?

  • Wash your hands before applying any product on your skin, make sure that you’re applying makeup, not bacteria on your face!
  • Wash your face: it could be with a cleanser or with any soap of your preference, just make sure that your face is clean and oily free!
  • Apply sunscreen and a hydrating and moisturizing cream: sunscreen is so important when it comes to protecting your skin, some foundations have it, but some don’t. So always apply a little bit to be sure. A hydrating and a moisturizer not just will help your face onto looking fresh and clean, but they’ll also create like a shield between you face and the makeup.

How to make it last all day long?

Ok, now this question has been on our thoughts at least once in our life! I know that so many of you wonder why at the end of the day our foundation doesn’t look as pretty as when we apply it, it may be patchy and oily, or maybe have of it its gone! Don’t worry, I’ll teach you some tips to make it last:

  • Apply a primer before the foundation. A primer is a special product to make your foundation last, but depending on the product and brand, it gives you several benefits. It could minimize you pores, it could reduce redness, it could give you a shiny look, etcetera; it depends on the product you choose. Another great thing about it is that it creates a shield between your foundation and your skin, also you’ll notice that they are sticky and that’s because it makes the foundations stick to it and not to your skin.
  • Applying your foundation, the right way: with that I mean NEVER APPLY IT WITH YOUR HANDS! If you do, it’ll be patchy and not flawless, which is what we want! You can use a beauty blender or a foundation brush for that, which make it easier. I’ll be posting a how to apply your foundation later on the month, so make sure to check it out.
  • Finally, set your foundation with powder! If you don’t set it it’ll literally melt during the day, and you definitely don’t want that. So always set it, I recommend using a translucent powder instead of a color one, because your foundation already has a color on it. Also, make sure that your powder is not a foundation, yes they’re foundations that come on powder; because it’ll be like your applying two layers of foundation and you’ll be looking cakie and not great.

Drugstore Foundations

  • Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation: This foundation is a medium cover foundations, it gives you a very natural glow to your skin and its oil free, however if you have an oily skin type you already have that natural glow on you, so just have that in mind. This foundation comes in 14 shades, which is not a lot, but you can always mix them to make your perfect shade. On it’s website this retails for $9.99!


  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation: This foundation is perfect for oily skin, because it’s matte it gives you a flat finish on your skin. This is not a very long wearing foundation because its more a medium coverage, but you can totally go through a work day with it! The great thing about it is that it sets so well on the skin giving you a flawless finish! It comes on 40 shades of foundation, I mean if you struggle on finding your perfect shade definitely try this out! On it’s website, it retails for $7.99.

    Maybelline fit me foundation
    Image from:
  • wet n wild Photo Focus Foundation: This foundation has a medium coverage, so it’s great for those days you don’t want to be have a lot on your face. It comes on 20 shades, which is great! It’s great for oily and dry skin, its like a neutral in between, so you don’t have to worry about that. It also looks really pretty on pictures. On it’s website it retails for $5.99, which is such an amazing price considering how effective and great it is.

    wet n wild foundation
    Image from:
  • L’Oreal Paris Infallible ProGlow Foundation: This foundation is perfect for a dry skin, it gives you a very natural glow on your skin, so have that in mind. Its kind of longwearing, as I said you could go through a work day not having to retouch it. It says on the packaging that it’s a 24-hour wearing, I don’t agree with that, it has more like a sheer coverage to it, not necessary a full coverage, so you’ll have to build it up if you want that. A great about it is that it covers up your face lines, also it looks really natural on the skin. It only has 12 shades so you must try to combine them to get your perfect shade color! On it’s website it retails for $12.99.

    loreal foundation
    Image from:
  • Milani 2 n 1 Foundation: This foundation is supposed to be a concealer and a foundation, so it’s really full coverage; just make sure that you don’t apply concealer twice with this! If you wear a lighter concealer on your skin, then don’t apply the foundation where you conceal. It’s a very long wearing foundation and it doesn’t have sunscreen on it, so it won’t protect your skin from the sun. A great thing about it is that it blends about beautifully on the skin! It comes on 19 shades that you can pick from, and on it’s website it retails for $10.00.

    milani foundation
    Image from:
  • LA Girl Pro Foundation: This foundation has kind of a medium cover to it but you can always build it up, also it doesn’t have sunscreen on it. It comes on 16 shades, which are very various from each other, comparing it with the Covergirl foundation I mentioned before that has 14 shades but they’re all very similar to each other; so, with the LA Girl foundation you can definitely find your shade, our you can also mix two of them to create your own shade. It gives you a flawless finish to your skin, it’s a long wearing foundation, and it blends out so easily. On it’s website it retails for $10.00, which is a great price considering the amount of product it has and how well it works.

And there you go guys, some amazing tips for your foundation! Let me know what you think on the comments below and subscribe to the blog so you can be notified every time I upload!

Until next time, Chao! -Hily


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