How to organized your closet?


Hey guys! On this post, I’m going to share with you some ideas to have an organized and functional closet, plus I’m going to talk about the well know KonMari method created by Mari Kondo. The author of the book explains this method as an effective way to help you declutter your house, on this case your closet! Let’s get started!

Haven’t you feel that you may have so many clothes that your closet is a completely mess, and that you don’t even wear all of them? If the answer is yes, then keep on reading.

Decluttering your closet

The first step you must do, is to get rid of any clothes that are no longer useful for you. So, on her book, Mari Kondo explains that a great way to do so, is to pick every single piece of clothes you have and pile them on the floor. Next, you’ll start to pick one by one and analyze if that piece of cloth brings you joy, if it does it stays, and if it doesn’t it goes away. You just have to repeat the process, and that way you’ll only keep that pieces of clothes that you love and in that way, you’ll make sure to really wear them. She also recommends that while you’re doing the decluttering you must be on a clam room, and trying to listen to music with no lyrics, so you can concentrate better on your feelings.

Now, what you do with the clothes that you discard? Well, you can donate them to a family member or a friend, or even better you can give them to charity.

Organizing your clothes

On the book, the author recommends to fold your clothes to help you saving more space for them, and only hang the clothes that need to be hanged. The way she recommends to fold your clothes is by placing it facing up, then bend the sleeves inwards, after that you bend one part inwards again making sure it matches the other side, and then fold it up 2 times.

This step is optional guys, what I recommend you to do is to fold your jeans and sweaters, because they’ll take a lot of space if you hang them. Always make sure that the clothes you fold are visible, on a way that you can completely see them when you open your drawer, that way you can easily find what you need. Just make sure to organized them the proper way, it could be by a category for example: colors, types, occasions, or even preference. The idea is that you can know where every single piece is, to help you save time in the mornings. The author recommends to order them from heavy to light, that way it looks more organized.

Another great tip is to have your underwear on a specific drawer; and for my girls out there, a tip to fold our bras is by extending them, making the cup face you and ordering like that, one behind one, that way they will not crease on the cup and will be easier for you to choose one. Also, if you don’t want your underwear to be touching your wardrobe, there are special bins and drawers to store them, that you can find on the super markets, and you can also find some dividers for the same use.

Now, to store your shoes, a great way is to store them by pairs, so they’re easier to grab. If you have too many shoes, a way to save space is to store them my putting the pair of shoes one above the other one, this tip is great if they’re flats or sandals. When it comes to boots, make sure to put inside a stick or something to help it be straight and not to fall. For heels, there are some special stocks for them, that you can find on the supermarket; but if your closet is too small you can also store them in the box they came with. If you do so, just make sure to constantly clean them so you prevent dust and humidity, the same applies if you store your flats on boxes. The advantage of the boxes, is that you can pile them to save space!

When it comes to purses, bags or backpacks, and even hats you can use a coat rack to store them! They’ll be easily to hang and to grab. They’re also some special cotton bags for your purses to keep them for damaging. For my guys out there, if you wear ties, a great tip is to hang all of them on a hook, they won’t wrinkle and they be visible. This also applies for the belts and scarfs.

Last but not least, socks! Most people tent to fold the socks by making a ball with them, is totally fine but it takes lot of space! Another way is to fold them the same that you fold your clothes, and pile them, so you can save space and you’ll always find the match pair!

And there you go guys, great tips to help you organized your closet, let me know on the comments below what you think!

Until next time, Chao! -Hily!




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